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FMP Online Marketing Services

If you are a business owner and you simply aren't sure how to develop and maintain an online presence for your brand, then you've come to the right place.

Who Are We?

We specialize in creative marketing for businesses within the dog niche •

Feature My Pet is a massive online network of approximately 850,000 people who own and love dogs. We are strong believers that effective online marketing is a key ingredient to improve business performance. Part of our business is to manage 17 breed-specific dog accounts with an average following of 50,000 dog lovers. As you can see below, with this page we have targeted people who are passionate about Golden Retrievers, which currently has 79,400 followers:

We specialize in developing and maintaining an online presence, primarily through Instagram, within the dog niche and have years of experience growing dog-themed accounts. It is our goal to make it easier for businesses within this industry to connect with passionate dog owners, ultimately increasing their customer base.

What We Have To Offer:

We know how stressful and time consuming it can be to run a business. But that's where we come in. We provide you with the opportunity to sit back and watch your online presence blossom. Our services include:
  • Social Media Management (Instagram) - We take control of your Instagram and use our expertise to grow your customer base;
  • Website Design and Creation - We help redesign existing websites, or create a fresh website to launch your online journey. It is extremely important to optimize your website in order to maximize your conversion rate;
  • Promote Your Products - We love connecting the Feature My Pet community to quality businesses. We post your products on our massive Instagram pages to attract new customers and followers for your business. Our pages are targeted towards people who love specific dog breeds. This precision targeting has formed a follower base with a very high level of passion for dogs;
  • Giveaways - We find famous online pups to further promote your products. These pups love to grow their follower base, and would love nothing more than a sample product to use in a giveaway to grow both their page and your business.

If you think your business needs any of these services to improve online business performance, please request a quote: