Utah the Labrador

Name: Utah


Number of followers: 2.6k at the time of writing this

Age: 8 months

Gender: Female

Location: Perth, Australia.

Favorite food: I'm a lab so...Everything! You might think something is inedible, but i'll prove you wrong.

Favorite thing to do: Would be playing with water, any water. The beach, the sprinkler, the pool, the tap. I just love water so much! .

Least favorite thing to do: Saying goodbye to my puppy friends. It's the worst part, so I try to kiss and cuddle them until Mom picks me up and puts me into the car. I'm also not a big fan of cuddling unless I'm super tired or it is with Maddix (my nearly 6 yr old human brother).

I love to eat your undies, steal all the slippers and casually walk around the house with a roll of toilet paper trailing behind me from the bathroom.

I do this thing called ‘crazy eye’ mode where I will be walking around normal and then all of a sudden my eyes go crazy and I just zoom around the house or yard leaving a trail of destruction behind.

One last thing...Did I mention that when I walk my hips shake and wiggle just as well as Beyonce and Shakira?


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