Skye the Siberian Husky

Name: Skye Blue

Instagram: @siberianmischief

Number of followers: 34.4k at the time of writing this 

Age: 3 years

Gender: Female

Location: Long Island, NY

Favorite food: Eggs, fish & cheese. Plus all kinds of raw treats, fruit & veggies! She LOVES carrots, green beans and bananas!

Favorite things to do: Hiking, rollerjour (mushing with roller blades), Empire State Snow Dog Club meet ups, playing in the snow, mud & shallow water, visiting her friends at the nursing home & providing pet therapy.

Least favorite things to do: Swimming & basically anything that involves her paws being off the ground.

Skye does a lot of "boy things" such as humping & marking territory. She also loves shoving her face in water & blowing bubbles!

Skye is a rescue pup who was initially afraid of basically everything. She was afraid of people & other dogs but we worked very hard to socialize her & help her get over her fears. Now she has lots of friends & is a certified therapy dog!

She still has fears of heights & bridges as well as some issues when it comes to food & other dogs when we are in public which we have also been working hard on!

Skye has some of the greatest Husky pictures I have ever seen. If you love huskies or you're just looking for inspiration, make sure you check out her Instagram page.


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