Poppy and Teddy the Dalmatians

Name: Poppy and Teddy

Instagram: @spots_and_ginger

Number of followers: 1.4k at the time of writing this 

Age: Poppy (left above) is 2 years & Teddy (right above) is 1 year

Gender: Poppy is Female & Teddy is Male

Location: Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Favorite food: Anything with chicken in it!

Favorite thing to do: Poppy and Teddy love going for walks by the lake and playing at the nearby park. When they're not out and about, they enjoy snuggling with each other and having a nap.

Least favorite thing to do: They REALLY don't like baths! 

Teddy is very talkative and has even learned to say "Hello". Poppy isn't so chatty, but she loves to show people her big Dalmatian smile.
Poppy and Teddy are in love with each other. Teddy shows his love by bringing Poppy toys and letting her choose which toy she wants before him. In return, Poppy gives Teddy lots and lots of kisses and even lets him use her as a pillow!
If you have a Dalmatian yourself or you just love this breed then make sure you check out Poppy and Teddy's Instagram page for some stunning pictures.


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