Nova the Shiloh Shepherd

Name: Nova & Ranger

Instagram: @nova_n_ranger

Number of followers: 940 at the time of writing this

Age: 8 (Nova) & 14 weeks (Ranger)

Gender: Both Male

Favorite food: Raw ground beef for Nova & Chicken Breast for Ranger

Favorite thing to do: Swimming, playing in mountain streams and car rides

Least favorite thing to do: Nova hates getting out of bed & Ranger doesn't really like hanging out with humans other than his family.

Nova goes to bed in the guest room every night at 8:30 PM on the dot. As long as Ranger isn't hanging off Nova's face at the time...

Nova is like two completely different dogs. At home he is very protective and outside of the home he is a giant goof ball who loves to meet everyone.

Ranger on the other hand is happy to meet other dogs but has no real interest in meeting other humans.

Same (Nova & Ranger's owner) is an amazing photographer and the FMP team highly recommend that you check him out:

Instagram account: @samtrombinophotography

Sam is primarily a rural landscape photographer with over 30 years behind the lens. He shoots portraits, both human and pets and also does some commercial work as well.

He started shooting film in the early 80's and shot regularly for 20 years with a trusty Pentax K-1000 and only one lens a 50mm f/1.4 Using this, the camera taught Sam the importance of exposure and composition, and how to frame a good photograph.

He took a hiatus from photography when digital first came out. About 5 years ago, Sam jumped back into the fascinating world of digital photography and editing. It has taken his work to entirely different levels.


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