Noah the Pitbull


Instagram: @inoah.sweet.pit

Number of followers: 5.2k at the time of writing this

Age: 5 years old

Gender: Male

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Favorite food: I'll have anything that the human is eating, preparing, or drops on the floor.  Except for ripe bananas -yuck!

Favorite thing to do: I hold many records for the fastest time you can destroy a new toy. I also really enjoy car rides because I loves the wind in my face.   

Least favorite thing to do: Getting my teeth brushed, nails trimmed and blow dries after baths.  Keep that noisy thing away from me, please.

I have this thing where I bark at balloons for some reason and I like to smell my own farts. That's not weird is it?

Getting humans to pet me is easy, I'll simply follow you around the house and sit on your feet until you do.

My owners say that my snoring could bring the house down but I'm not sure what they're on about.


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