Millie the Golden Retriever

Name: Millie

Instagram: @millie_thegolden16

Number of followers: 2.7k at the time of writing this 

Age: 8 months

Gender: Female

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Favorite food: Apple pieces

Favorite thing to do: Playing with other pups at the park

Least favorite thing to do: Bath-time

When Millie is asked to do a certain trick, she tries to do every trick she knows at once, in hope of extra treats.

She loves to hold blocks of ice in her mouth and wait for them to melt on her tongue instead of chewing them!

Millie has to pick up a toy to greet anyone that walks in the door, if she doesn't she panics and runs around like crazy trying to find anything she can pick up before she comes and says hello.

If you have a Golden Retriever yourself or you just love this breed then make sure you check out Millie Instagram page for some stunning pictures.


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